V4C56 – Must Grasp This Matter

However, Liu Zhenhai was already so old, he wasn’t a greedy man. What he first thought is whether I would agree or not, so he said to Meng Rusong, “I don’t have any opinion regarding this matter. I don’t know if my grandson will agree or not, so I must ask for his opinion first!”

“What’s there to ask. We are the elders, so shouldn’t we have this much right? I am telling you, my granddaughter is a national beauty. There is a sea of people pursuing her, and I have heard she also has a boyfriend. If you are too late, then who knows she might elope with that boyfriend of hers!” Meng Rusong had received a call from Meng Chuan and knew that his granddaughter had unexpectedly found a boyfriend out of nowhere, so he was eager to finalize this matter.

“Boyfriend? Your granddaughter wouldn’t be a flower that had been plucked, right?” Liu Zhenhai asked after listening.

“No, no, our family’s tutoring is quite strict. There won’t be anything like that now. But I can’t say what might happen in the future, so you must grasp this opportunity!” Meng Rusong was also quite worried. He didn’t know how far his granddaughter and that boyfriend had gone to. If they had already cooked the rice, then they would have to break off the engagement at the time and also lose all their face!

“Alright, I will call my grandson now. Wait for me to call you back!” Liu Zhenhai thought that this wedding between their families wasn’t bad, therefore he also complied. But suddenly, he remembered something and said to Meng Rusong, “You do know about my granddaughter and grandson’s matter, right? After your granddaughter marries him, she can only be the small wife (concubine\mistress)!”

“What, why do we have to be the side with the small wife? You, Old man Liu, are now being unreasonable! Your granddaughter can be the big wife (main wife), but my granddaughter has to be the small wife, why? Is our Meng Family is lower than your Liu Family?” Meng Rusong immediately refused.

“Then you don’t want the marriage. You can pull back now! I am also troubled about being a matchmaker. It might even add some misunderstandings between me and my grandson! My loss will be bigger than my gains!” Liu Zhenhai said.

“Other… Then how about both of them be his wives? Old Liu, you can’t be playing tricks on an old friend, right? You do know……” Meng Rusong saw that Liu Zhenhai was about to hang up the phone, so he said anxiously.

“Alright. But what happens about this matter still depends on my grandson’s decision. I can at most say a few words!” Liu Zhenhai thought he was really crisp and happy today now that Meng Rusong had lowered his head before him! Pitiful parents with the love for their children, no, it should be a pitiful grandfather!

“Good, I will wait for your phone call. You must grasp this matter no matter what!”

Since I heard Meng Chuan say he was going to marry Meng QingQing to someone else soon, I knew it wouldn’t be too long before I met him again, but I never thought it would be so quick. I just teleported and returned to my residence and immediately received a call from Liu Zhenhai.

“Second grandfather, what’s the matter that you called me today?” I didn’t need to guess as I was sure it was absolutely related to Meng QingQing’s matter.

“Grandson, it’s like this: that old man, Old Meng, just mentioned you to me in a matter!” Liu Zhenhai said.

“Grandpa Meng? What did he mention me for? Is he looking for me for a contest again?” I asked even though I already knew the answer.

“It’s like this: You also know that your grandpa Meng has a granddaughter he previously said he wanted to betroth to you. I have seen his granddaughter; she’s a very juicy missy with big eyes, long hair……” Liu Zhenhai wanted to facilitate this marriage, so he started to talk nonsense.

Meng QingQing? Long hair? Her hair was seemingly short today? Is he mistaking the person?

“Wait… what’s the name of his granddaughter?” I was not very sure now about Meng QingQing really being Meng Rusong’s granddaughter.

“She’s called Meng QingQing. What? Is there any issue?” Liu Zhenhai didn’t know that I already knew Meng QingQing, moreover, there were relationships between us that wasn’t for outsiders to know.

That’s right! This old man almost frightened me. I think that the Meng QingQing he was talking about was the one he might have seen several years ago.

“All right, second grandfather. I will let you decide what you think, I don’t have any opinion regarding this matter,” I was suppressing the happiness in my heart as I said indifferently.

“Ah? Well, then grandpa will arrange a meeting for you! I will give you a call later!” Liu Zhenhai had thought I would reject. He had never thought I would agree so readily. The pile of excuses and good stuff he had prepared beforehand was all useless. He ended up wasting effort done by millions of his brain cells. Liu Zhenhai wasn’t willing to let the matter end as it was so he picked up the phone he hung up. He immediately dialed Meng Rusong’s number and said, “Old codger, this matter is going to be difficult!”

“Old man Liu, don’t scare me. What the hell happened?” Meng Rusong was frightened by the sudden phone call.

“The young people nowadays are advocating free love. It’s not the same era as ours anymore. I tried every means possible and finally, my grandson agreed to have a meeting with your granddaughter!” Liu Zhenhai intentionally made up stuff.

In his heart, Meng Rusong was cursing. He thought: if I hadn’t gone to your home and met your grandson, thinking that he was a very capable person, I would have never wanted to marry my granddaughter to him!

“Old man Liu, so did Liu Lei agreed?” Meng Rusong could finally breath a sigh of relief and said, “When will they meet?”

“Just listen to you. What’s the hurry? Let’s take a long look at this matter!” Liu Zhenhai wasn’t really worried about the matter, so there was nothing for him to be anxious.

“What’s there not to worry. It’s urgent. Let’s see, tomorrow, you will fly to U City first thing…… I won’t go to Songjiang to find you. You old guy is just an old-mushroom, never moving!” Meng Rusong said intentionally.

Liu Zhenhai knew that it was Meng Rusong’s way in goading him into action, but he still got angry. Liu Zhenhai was from a warlord background. What he hated the most was people referring to him as a lazy ass or someone who never moved. The army veterans were vigorous and resolute, therefore it was akin to slandering Liu Zhenhai, so Liu Zhenhai will obviously not stay put!

“You just wait for me. I am going to book a ticket and come to U City as soon as possible and crack your old bones!” Liu Zhenhai said breathlessly.

“Hehe, good. Let me know the time, I will go to the airport to receive you!” Meng Rusong said with a deceitful smile.

Hanging up the telephone, Liu Zhenhai looked for adjutant Liu, making him book an airplane ticket and make preparations to rush to U City.


“Liu Lei, where did you run off to?” Just when I hung up the phone, Meng QingQing’s call came.

“Your father kicked me out. Was I supposed to thicken my skin and continue to lose my face there?” I smiled bitterly.

“This isn’t about thick skin or other issues! The situation is quite dire. My father and my grandfather are going to lead me to a blind date with a playboy tomorrow!” Meng QingQing said anxiously.

Playboy? Where do I look like that? I am not even closely related to someone like that!

“What did you call me for? What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“You are also in U City right now, right? You should look for a guesthouse to stay first. After that, you wait for my call. When I go to a blind date tomorrow, you come there and destroy the blind date!” Meng QingQing told me. She would have never thought I already left U City.